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I care more about the Timberwolves than anyone my age should care about something so relatively unimportant

Good things simply do not happen to the Wolves. It could be simply bad luck. It could be that Minnesota is supposed to be a hockey state, not a basketball state. It could be because of the Joe Smith fiasco from what seems like a decade ago (Is Joe Smith still contributing in the league?). Or, it could be because I have spent more time wishing bad things on Tim Duncan (complainer), Dirk Nowitzki (complainer) and Kobe Bryant (Colorado). Whatever the reason, the Wolves have bad kharma working against them anytime they are looking for ping pong balls to land their way.

From the time the Wolves were an expansion team, they have been in the lottery 11 times. They have moved up exactly NEVER. The lottery rules and odds were changed because of the Wolves. They were the worst team in the league when Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning were entering the draft. The Wolves slid two spots in the draft and selected Christian Laettner. For 11 tries in the ping pong barrel the Wolves have never been helped by the process. When I get some time I should research the odds each year (they have changed over the years and so have the lottery rules) and compute the chances of them NEVER moving up in the draft. I can say this with certainty; the odds are not good.

So the Wolves are scheduled to pick at #7. There have been some decent players selected in that slot over the past few years. Randy Foye (2006), Charlie Villanueva (2005), Luol Dent (2004) , Kirk Hinrich (2003) and Richard Hamilton (1999). There has also been some flops. Eddie Griffin (2001), Chris Mihm (2000) and Lorenzen Wright (1996).
What matters is that KG needs help immediately. They do not have time to work with a project. They need someone that can step in and contribute their rookie year. Similar to the way Foye and McCants have done in the past two years. KG’s prime cannot and SHOULD NOT be wasted anymore.

Obviously Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will be going #1 and #2. Under that assumption, I’m hoping Corey Brewer is available at #7. If he is gone I’d be happy with Brandan Wright. I think Brewer is ready to play on opening night. He is already an NBA level defender and being as athletic as he is, at 6’9€? he can play right away. Brandan Wright seems a little weak to me at this point, but has a soft touch for a bigger guy and I like his potential.

Whichever player the Wolves end up with, he needs to be the steal of the draft. The Wolves deserve it, KG deserves it and I deserve it.

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